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Alziron Systems is one of the most trusted partner for some of the world’s leading enterprises, innovators, SMEs and technopreneurs. We help businesses levitate their excellence through custom software development, UI/UX design, MVPs, Software Testing, and consultancy services.

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Create Websites from Scratch.


Become Expert in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP-MySQLi, WordPress ecommerce, Ads, SEO, etc. (from Zero to Mastery) in 2022.

  • Brief Introduction
  • Build Your First Website
  • Resources: Your Text Editors and Web Browsers.
  • The Index.html file
  •  HTML Tags
  • Head and Body Tags
  • Meta and Titles tags
  • Heading, Paragraphs, breaks, New Lines, Emphasize
  • Excercise: HTML Quiz (Simple Email)
  • Anchor Tags
  • Lists: Ordered and Unordered Lists
  • Tables
  • Exercise: HTML Quiz (Lists, tables and anchor tags)
  • Divisions
  • Sections
  • Forms
  • Submitting A form
  • Classes and ID
  • Exercise: HTML QUIZ (HTML Website)
  • Brief Introduction
  • Your First CSS
  • Link Tags
  • CSS Properties
  • CSS Selectors
  • Text and Font
  • colors (plain, hex, and rgba)
  • webkit
  • border (type, radius, size)
  • margin
  • padding
  • justify, alignment
  • Images in CSS
  • Box Model
  • px vs em vs rem
  • Exercise: CSS Quiz
  • Critical Render Path
  • Flex Box
  • Responsive User Interface
  • Exercise: (Responsiveness)
  • Exercise: Robot Animation
  • CSS Grid
  • Navigation Bar
  • Prettify
  • Exercise: NavBar
  • In-line CSS
  • In-page CSS
  • External CSS Files
  • Exercise: Applying CSS to HTML site
  • Bootstrap Introduction
  • Bootstrap 5 Update
  • Bootstrap Grid
  • Exercise: Startup Landing Page
  • The hr tag
  • Exercise: Adding Email Subscription
  • Introduction
  • What is Javascript?
  • Your First Javascript
  • Variables
  • Control Flow
  • Javascript on Web page
  • Fuctions
  • Datastructures: Arrays
  • Exercises: Calculator, Keyless Car Arrays
  • Datastructure: Objects
  • Javascript Terminology
  • Loops
  • Exercise: Build Facebook
  • Javascript Keywords
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • DOM Selectors
  • DOM Events
  • Callback Function
  • Exercise: DOM Events
  • Exercise: Background Generator
  • JQuery
  • Developer Fundamentals
  • Exercise: Implement Javascript and JQuery in Your HTML site.
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Backends
  • Web APIs
  • Database Introduction
  • MySQLi
  • PHPMy Admin Installation (XAMPP)
  • Creating Table in MySQLi
  • Creating table rows
  • Linking Database to website
  • Subscription and registration databases
  • Mailchimp for email sending.
  • PHP Commands
  • PHP pages
  • Exercise: Integrating Database to HTML site.
  • Convert site to PHP site
  • Break sections into different pages and call into the index.php
  • Introduction
  • Choosing Your Website Name
  • Choosing your Domain name and verifying availability
  • Purchasing Domain Name and hosting Services.
  • Uploading your website
  • Filezilla
  • FTP Protocol
  • Visiting Your Dashboard
  • Editing and updating Your site live.
  • Introduction
  • When You need templates
  • Downloading and customizing templates
  • Uploading your template.
  • Exercise: Building Website from free template.
  • Introduction
  • Need for WordPress
  • When to Use WordPress
  • WordPress Templates and various categories
  • Downloading free templates
  • Downloading premium templates
  • Putting Your WordPress site live
  • Customizing your wordpress site
  • Installing Plugins
  • Creating new pages
  • Creating posts
  • Elementor
  • WordPress ecommerce
  • Woocommerce
  • Payment Options
  • Live Chat, webmail, email and WhatsApp Chat.
  • WordPress Security
  • Exerecise: WordPress Website Creation.
  • Introduction
  • Command Line for windows
  • Sublime Text
  • VS Code
  • Terminal
  • Git
  • Github
  • Setting Up Terminal
  • Contribution to Open Source

We Recommend that you do the followings:

  • Do Not End Here!
  • Build More sites on your own for practice.
  • Never Take a Long Break!
  • Do more research on emerging trends in web development.
  • Take Your Skill to next level by applying in Mobile Application Development.
  • Enroll in our Python-Django, E-commerce Development Blockchain Development courses.

Complete On-site programme and get a Certificate of completion from Alziron Systems and Computers

  • Build a website from scratch that registers students for an online institution who want to study web development. All the courses offered should be displayed on the landing page of the website and the Student should click on each course and the register. Visitors should be able to subscribe to the site to receive emails for updates.
  • Build a wordpress ecommerce site for your business that sells fashion, electronics and accessories. Clients should be able to place commands pay through bitcoin, ATM Card and Direct Bank Transfers and their goods delivered at their various locations via shipping. Clients should be able to send messages to you via email, whatsapp and live chat and also subscribe to your site.


Build Android and IOS Apps


Become Expert in Python-Django, ReactJS, NodeJS, Angular, Ionic (from Zero to Mastery) in 2022.

Build Decentralised Applications, Crypto trading platforms


Become Expert in Solidity, Smart Contract Development and the Ethereum Blockchain (from Zero to Mastery) in 2022.

Prevent Hackers from breaking into your system

IV. Cyber Security

Become Expert in Penetration Testing, Kali Linux, Network Security and Cryptology (from Zero to Mastery) in 2022.


01We Give Maximum Attention to Out Participants
02We Mentor You. We Make Your Tough
03Our Fees Are Very Low!!! Our Concern is What You Become
04Useful End-of-Programme Projects.
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