Brief History

Our History

ALZIRON SYSTEMS is a next generation IT Solutions Company that offers Web development, creation of Mobile Applications and custom software, Social Media Marketing, IT Consulting, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, and IT training... ALZIRON SYSTEMS was conceived in 2016, reviewed and went operational in 2019, and established in 2021 with the vision of taking Cameroon to an amazing height in Technology through business digitization and to produce thousands of IT experts through our IT training.


Alziron Systems Was Conceived

12 Aug 2016

The idea of companies, businesses and organisations operating offline, the struggle and difficulty in advertising businesses due to the massive expenditure involved in advertising through traditional media, the low level of technological orientation of entrepreneurs, students and leaders; all these led to the conception of Alziron System, with the aim of solving the above problems in order to attain our vision.


Alziron System Went Operational

07 Jan 2019

After building so many websites for organizations and helping them in their IT challenges, Alziron Systems launched her first website to increase the awareness of clients about our existence and our services, and that we were already operational.


Alziron System was Established

10 May 2021

After going operational including our five years experience in the IT industry, .Alziron Systems was established and registered in 2021 as a fully functional Tech Company that deals mainly with software Applications developments and Websites. Other Services includes; SEO, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Graphic Design, IT consulting, IT Training and Web Hosting services.

Our History
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